Performance Operations Center offers you the best IT management service

The IT performance management service, POC, offers an overview of the entire technological infrastructure, each day identifying the elements that affect your business targets to ensure their effectiveness and efficiency. It helps to resolve problems involving infrastructure costs, response times and SLA compliance.

The POC is made up of a qualified team of experts, the right tool (the BOA platform) and accurate methodology (DevPerOps).

What does our IT management service consist of?

The POC is the embodiment of the performance function, to contain and reduce costs and ensure service levels and availability. This comprehensive IT management service allows you to monitor the performance of any environment in your technology infrastructure, identify any deviations immediately, find the source and offer a correction for it, all of that associated with business KPIs.

Identifying inefficiencies

The POC service monitors and detects inefficiencies in the software executed in production environments, in zOS, middleware or Cloud, taking in and analysing your infrastructure on a daily basis.

Diagnostics and resolution

We help you find the ‘needle in the haystack’, performing triage to determine the root causes of the problems, eliminate false positives and provide you with the solution to implement.

Culture and collaboration

The POC facilitates the progressive implementation of a performance culture in all environments and levels of the organisation, generating a process of constant learning, performance measurement and improvement.

The POC’s IT management methodology

This consists of eight phases through which information is monitored, extracted and processed to measure KPIs; procedures are applied according to the values and their variations; improvement recommendations are designed; support is given during implementation and the results are measured.

Benefits of IT management with the POC

Its implementation and continuous operation provide multiple tangible and intangible benefits.

Intangible benefits:

Quality of service

Improved response times for applications, along with their availability and delivery of SLAs.

Reduced consumption

In the elements of the IT infrastructure that affect billing, with reduced process costs.

Intangible benefits:

Production Area:

Implementation of a continuous, daily and objective process for monitoring infrastructure performance.

Development Area:

  • Continuous improvement process in the development cycle, using the POC’s information as a source of improvement in technical designs.
  • Ability to measure the performance of suppliers, applications, etc.
  • Software quality process based on objective data.

Architecture Area:

Ability to measure the correctness of architecture-related decisions, evaluating the strategies adopted.


Availability of information on potential operating problems, costs and development suppliers.

Performance and quality culture

The benefits have a direct impact on the generation of a performance and quality culture in organisations:

Availability of a constant evaluation tool to manage and have reporting and control mechanisms for the dynamic performance of the software.

Organisational cohesion around the concept of performance.

Overall improvement of the operation: reduced costs and time.

Virtuous circle of continuous improvement: improved development, identification of best technological practices.

Why Orizon?

Regardless of the technological environment, Orizon implements a working model that helps digital organisations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their business. We optimise the performance of technology infrastructures by focusing on enhancing the user experience, SLA compliance and reducing IT costs without compromising on service, using our own expertise, methodology (DevPerOps) and tool (BOA).


Our tool.

BOA goes beyond the concept of monitoring or observability, as it offers global visibility, the detection of performance improvement opportunities, resolution and the measurement of any technology infrastructure in production. All of this through significant KPIs for the business associated with both cost and service.


Our methodology.

DevPerOps is a non-intrusive and independent correction and management methodology, which is built into your organisation’s life cycle, adding the performance layer that DevOps needed.