Mainframe zOS

The strategy needed for ever greater data and executions with the right mainframe IT solutions.

The challenges of constant change

Information systems of large companies are constantly changing, which leads to an increase in the consumption associated with the technology infrastructure of an IBM Mainframe system.

  • Expansion of products and services
  • New requirements
  • Increased consumption and response time
  • Limited resources
  • Costly updates
  • Impact on the business

What does this mean? You face cost increases and breaches of service level agreements (SLAs), some of which are extremely critical and directly affect your company’s business, making it difficult to open online operations or causing financial damage as a result of fines for not providing timely data to regulatory bodies.

Optimisation and cost savings with our IT services for Mainframe

Optimising the Mainframe operating system will allow your company to expand its capabilities and add more products and services to its catalogue, in addition to complying with data delivery requirements.

Our optimisation service manages to reduce the consumption of the installation, attacking the main sources of consumption and fully analysing the batch processes and online transactions of companies. The aim is to find points for optimisation that will allow for reduced costs and improved service for the Mainframe architecture, complying with business SLAs.

Improving the Mainframe system service: lower cost, better service

With our Mainframe IT service, supported by our BOA tool, we analyse 100% of the technical elements on a daily basis, taking action on those that offer the greatest ROI, reducing their costs (consumption) and/or improving the service (duration).

Change control

Daily analysis of the different changes in software behaviour, discovering those that have increased their consumption or duration. This also allows for correlation with software upgrades, detecting inefficient software at a very early stage and mitigating its effects.

Software quality

Control of the quality of the service offered by the teams or providers themselves, assessing the dynamic behaviour of the developed software.

AI algorithms

We have an extensive catalogue of AI algorithms that will allow us to detect inefficiencies in any part of the installation (database, system tools, file system, etc.).


Control of the entire life cycle of the optimisation proposals; from detection, analysis, proposal, planning, installation and measurement of results. Our team of specialists will help you and guide your development team through the entire process.

Benefits of optimising performing with our IT services for Mainframe


Up to 30% savings in infrastructure costs

By optimising the installation, we will analyse the billing formula and work to reduce it, tackling the main sources of consumption.


>50% SLA margin gain

Avoid breaching business SLAs due to processes taking too long and improve the margin with respect to its target time, reviewing the processes belonging to the critical path and their environment.


Obtaining an immediate ROI

We focus on those points that allow you to obtain an immediate ROI for your organisation (we offer returns as quickly as 3 months).


Fewer resources with greater capacity

By optimising, you will save resources and can increase the capacity of the system, which will allow you to incorporate more products and services into your catalogue.


Higher software quality

Control and monitor the quality of the software delivered by your development teams and providers. You will obtain a complete, unified and detailed view of the operation of the applications and their impact on the business.


Performance culture

Acting on these key points will allow you to implement a performance culture in your company, involving all the teams in order to produce an optimised installation, based on excellence and continuous improvement.

  • Success story for our IT service for Mainframe

    Savings in zOS – A Top 5 Spanish Bank

    The customer wanted to reduce its mainframe consumption in batch hours to achieve cost savings with the infrastructure provider. The project, developed over three years, resulted in:

    The customer wanted to reduce its mainframe consumption in batch hours to achieve cost savings with the infrastructure provider.

    The project, developed over three years, resulted in:

Why Orizon?

Our efficiency standard presents a differential model that, beyond detecting errors or inefficiencies, provides solutions and recommendations to achieve total efficiency.


Our tool.

BOA goes beyond the concept of monitoring or observability, as it offers global visibility, the detection of performance improvement opportunities, resolution and the measurement of any technology infrastructure in production. All of this through significant KPIs for the business associated with both cost and service.


Our methodology.

DevPerOps is a non-intrusive and independent correction and management methodology, which is built into your organisation’s life cycle, adding the performance layer that DevOps needed.