Be part of Orizon: your next big challenge

Join us. Would you like to join a vibrant, constantly changing and forward-looking project? Become part of a great team that helps people to develop their full potential and companies to achieve their business goals.

Join us. With your ideas, knowledge and enthusiasm we can grow together, continue to innovate and provide better solutions for our customers.

Research, development and innovation in our DNA as a driver of change.

We specialise in the implementation and start-up of solutions in the field of optimisation and monitoring of large technology infrastructures, with the aim of eliminating problems derived from poor software performance.

Why work at Orizon?

Unique projects

With over 15 years of experience, we have collaborated successfully with large customers who are leaders in their sector, most of them in the IBEX 35.

We are committed to innovation and development.

With an annual R&D investment of more than 300k and no dependence on third parties, we update knowledge and support the research process.

As a company specialising in emerging and disruptive technologies, our aim is to always stay one step ahead, with cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Learning, AI, etc.

We anticipate the needs and changes experienced by the industry.

We are always looking for the best technological development strategy to provide added value. We support decision-making with a clear business focus, and we have developed our own methodology to improve performance, achieve excellence, increase the company’s technological capacity and ensure results for our customers.

We maintain our social commitment.

As a company we are committed to sustainable development, collaborating in social projects.

We maintain our social commitment.

As a company we are committed to sustainable development, collaborating in social projects.


Come and join the knowledge Would you like to grow and develop with Orizon?

Orizon offers you the training you need with on-demand courses.

Access all the tools and regulated training you need, free of charge, to complement your professional career.

Train with the best experts

Develop professionally with us and see the difference. Mentored training with experts will help you develop greater abilities in certain technologies and the skills needed in a specific position.

Be recognised

Develop professionally with us and see the difference.

We believe in people, hard work and self-improvement

Flexible working

We offer you flexible working that adapts to your daily life, whether on-site, remote or mixed.

We create multidisciplinary teams

Our aim is to create teams of people and enhance their talent. We respect diversity and support an inclusive culture.


Benefits. We are committed to providing you with a range of benefits.


Rewards. We reward your commitment to the company based on your performance and length of service.

Our team plays for your team.

We have over 15 years of experience in the market thanks to a range of expert professionals in different technological and strategic areas. They are ready to detect and act in all points of your technological infrastructure where improvements can be made. Orizon grows when its customers grow. Orizon grows when our customers do.