BOA Platform

It is called BOA and it is a unique IT performance management tool

There was no perfect IT performance management software, so we created our own. BOA platform was custom built to streamline our IT infrastructure optimization process.

Problems faced by companies

Companies are facing problems with their infrastructures, at both the service level (they have problems, but they do not know it or cannot identify the root cause) and at the cost level, with the procurement of products or services that “devour” their IT budget.

  • Highly complex infrastructures (legacy, distributed, on-premises, cloud, hybrid)
  • Migration from legacy to the cloud with high growth and a lack of global capacity plans.
  • High consumption with over-provisioning of resources, leading to increased costs and significant budget shortfalls.
  • Lack of global and real-time visibility of systems.
  • Poor availability of their systems, crashes, slow response times.
  • Lack of measurement and control over the work of your teams and providers.

What is BOA?

Orizon’s BOA platform (Boost & Optimize Applications) is the IT performance management tool that we have designed to identify and correct problems caused by software in production.

BOA goes beyond the concept of monitoring or observability, as it offers global visibility, the detection of performance improvement opportunities, resolution and the measurement of any technology infrastructure in production. All of this through significant KPIs for the business associated with both cost and service.

Why is it unique as an IT performance management tool?

The technical components that make up the BOA platform, and that make it unique, not only detect the problem, but also make it possible to solve it and measure the savings obtained.

The platform, coupled with our own methodology, DevPerOps, enables:


Intake of information from multiple sources and formats (structured, semi-structured or unstructured)


Analysis of the information uploaded by calculating KPIs aligned with the priorities and requirements of each organisation.


AI algorithms allow you to detect all the inefficiencies that impact your organisation’s costs and/or services.


These algorithms also resolve the detected problem, proposing improvements for its resolution.


Finally, the measurement phase will allow you to understand the savings obtained and the impact it has had on the operation and costs of your business.

Correlation of data

One of the keys to BOA platform is the correlation of the different sources of information, which makes it possible to connect the entire infrastructure of companies, detect the problem, understand it and apply solutions to resolve it.

AI algorithms

The Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms incorporated into BOA platform enable the automatic detection and resolution of inefficiencies, while feeding the algorithm in the early detection of future problems.

The importance of prioritising


Thanks to the data analysis of our algorithms, we can detect those inefficiencies with a high impact on the installation and whose resolution involves a minimum investment in terms of the number of components and impact on development.

This makes it possible to prioritise the order of optimisation tasks and these other benefits:

  • Obtain large savings in a short space of time.
  • Modify the fewest components with the minimum number of changes.
  • Reduce the development cost.


Thanks to the continuous and automated supervision of the installation, BOA platform provides an overview of the work and quality of the equipment, and offers:

Control of providers

It verifies, controls and establishes KPIs on the quality of deliverables by software providers.

Quality of service

Thanks to the automatic monitoring of your installation, you will be able to determine which applications consume the most resources and which have a much higher incident rate.

Opportunity cost

It evaluates the opportunity cost of actions proposed and not implemented.

It prioritises according to the financial impact of each proposal.

Benefits of BOA platform as an IT management tool

Thanks to BOA, some of the main IBEX35 companies have resolved their performance problems, ensuring maximum levels of availability and efficiency.


Reduced consumption

The BOA platform identifies the processes that most impact the bill in order to act on them and reduce consumption.


Increased capacity

The optimisation of installations has allowed the capacity of the systems to be increased, enabling the addition of more products and services to the catalogue.


Reduced execution time

Reduction and optimisation of transaction response times.


Compliance with SLAs

The analysis and optimisation of process flows and critical paths results in increased compliance with service level agreements.


Dynamic software quality

Controlling and monitoring the quality of the software in its dynamic operation, in production, and how it can affect the consumption of the installation and its SLAs.


Performance culture

Acting on these areas makes it possible to implement a performance culture throughout the company, involving all teams in achieving it.

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Start enjoying all the benefits that BOA offers. Having a good IT management service can make a difference in your business.