IT performance solutions

Technological transformation creates a complex scenario. The use of the public cloud, native applications and a more intensive use of data and agile methodologies is spreading, alongside the ongoing use of existing on-premises systems, applications and methodologies. This is where our IT performance solutions come in to play, helping you deal with this scenario successfully.

The IT challenge

What are we facing? A constantly changing system, with repeated and growing cost overruns, that only offers you partial solutions (APM, AIOps, DevOps or observability), incapable of automating the solution to inefficiencies or measuring the benefit in terms of business KPIs.

You need our managed IT services, an efficient performance management model that maintains service quality and reduces costs.

Orizon’s IT solution

Orizon enables the orchestration of the entire IT performance management system, in a complete and continuous process, focusing on its efficiency and on the control and management of TCO (Total Cost Ownership) across all environments (Mainframe, Distributed, Cloud) and functions. The perfect mix of tools, methodology and expertise can be found in our IT optimization services.

Our methodology as a technology performance solutions provider

Through our Performance Operations Center (POC), we offer IT services for companies creating an overview of all the computer systems and technology infrastructures. Efficacy and efficiency are guaranteed.

We optimise the performance of technology infrastructures to improve the user experience, meet SLAs and reduce IT costs without compromising on service. We do this based on our own expertise, methodology (DevPerOps) and tool (BOA).

Why Orizon?

Because we not only guarantee the detection of errors and inefficiencies; we first and foremost offer solutions and recommendations to achieve total efficiency.


Our tool.

BOA goes beyond the concept of monitoring or observability, as it offers global visibility, the detection of performance improvement opportunities, resolution and the measurement of any technology infrastructure in production. All of this through significant KPIs for the business associated with both cost and service.


Our methodology.

DevPerOps is a non-intrusive and independent correction and management methodology, which is built into your organisation’s life cycle, adding the performance layer that DevOps needed.

IT solutions according to the technological environment

Our catalogue of services covers different technological environments, from on-premises to the cloud, focused on different use cases. We invite you to discover them:

  • Mainframe zOS
  • Distributed systems
  • Cloud

Cost optimisation

Improvement in service

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Consumption savings


IT cost savings of up to 40%

Improved response time


Reduction in consumption and application response times

SLA Compliance


Increase in the SLA (Service Level Agreements) achievement margin

Our team plays for your team.

We have over 15 years of experience in the market thanks to a range of expert professionals in different technological and strategic areas. They are ready to detect and act in all points of your technological infrastructure where improvements can be made. Orizon grows when its customers grow. Orizon grows when our customers do.