The company

What defines us

At Orizon we are a team of enthusiastic professionals with extensive expertise in IT performance management. We work to help CIOs and digital leaders improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their business, optimising response times and compliance with SLAs through the development of our own tool (BOA) and methodology (DevPerOps).

Orizon, a bit of history

Orizon was founded in Alicante in 2007 Since then, it has been offering technology-based performance solutions that add value to IBEX35 companies and large companies leading their sectors, identifying and solving software problems to ensure maximum levels of availability, performance and efficiency.

We have a stable shareholding, where the majority percentage belongs to its managers and founders.

We know that the impact of cost savings and faster application speed is hugely important to the organisations we work with. That is why we wanted to become a key partner to the management team. Pioneers in the use of artificial intelligence applied to business improvement in IT production environments (AIOps), we monitor, detect and resolve inefficiencies in 100% of technological elements. Our R&D+i and our technology, unique in the market, are recognised by official Spanish institutions and by the European Commission.

Our mission

At Orizon we offer our customers optimisation in the form of savings in IT costs and processing times. All of this as part of a managed service that includes the use of technology and the know-how of our expert analysts to foresee the benefits that customers will obtain with our service.

We work each day to create an environment where talent and involvement are rewarded, where the reward obtained is a fair reflection of the work performed, with the aim of ensuring the overall satisfaction of the whole team.

Our vision

The Performance Operations Center (POC) acting as a system for monitoring, identifying, reviewing, managing and improving applications in production in large systems. Our own performance methodology, DevPerOps, whose development cycle is driven by the requirements of business departments.

We aspire to stand out for our excellence in the service we provide to our customers and for offering our employees the best opportunities for personal and professional development.

The goals we strive to achieve are: sustained growth, reliability and stability of the company, a united and constantly growing team, and a climate of creativity, freedom and commitment.

Our values

We emphasise talent, excellence and commitment to our customers and employees.

Our work.

Specialisation in and exclusive dedication to the niche of performance optimisation.


We are striving to provide the best possible working environment for our employees. Our key asset is our people, who allow us to be a success with our customers.


This is the soul of Orizon. We strive for a real commitment to our employees and customers, with transparency and professionalism, and we bring our ideas to the table in a clear and concise manner. We are completely open to opinions and suggestions, always working with the honesty and humility that characterise us.

Other values

Positive attitude and enthusiasm, quality of our services, companionship and solidarity.

«We are striving to provide the best possible working environment for our employees. Our key asset is our people, who allow us to be successful with our customers.»

Ángel Pineda

CEO of Orizon


Investment in research

To add more features to our proprietary technology that have an impact on our customers’ digital business. Our staff will keep up to date with industry trends, basing decisions on the information provided through internal and external analysis and always considering the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.

Investment in internationalisation

Opening markets and running large projects in different countries, through direct sales or sales channels. To do this, we will actively monitor trends in the different business sectors and the horizontal multi-sector trends in technology.

Orizon belongs to the “Enisa Community” of innovative companies with high added value.

Orizon’s unique technology has received the official seal of excellence from the European Commission as a “High-quality project proposal”.

01 Continuously expanding

We offer solutions for digital business performance that deliver value to leading companies in their sectors worldwide (Banking, Retailer, Telco, etc.). Marketing is direct or, potentially, through major technology partners.

02 Recognised technological development plan

We are developing our own technology in line with future trends: AI, Algorithms and Big Data. Our R&D+i is recognised by official Spanish institutions and by the European Commission. Thanks to this commitment to R&D+i, we have obtained innovation certifications from: ENISA, CDTI, FEDER and IVACE, among others.

03 Certified quality

These are some of the recognitions of our work to date: Alicante Chamber of Commerce Award, European Business and Innovation Centre (EBN), FUNDEUM University Business Foundation Award.

04 Audited quality and environmental management

At Orizon we are committed to quality and innovation in our technology, processes and human capital. This is reflected in our official accreditations through the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, which are audited by Bureau Veritas.

05 Continuous commitment to R&D+I

Orizon has achieved the Innovative SME seal, which endorses our work in research and continuous commitment to R&D+I.