Oracle Optimization Solution

The strategy needed for an ever-greater volume of data and executions.

In the area of distributed systems there is one system with a significant cost and relative importance in the service, given its strong presence in the market. We are talking about Oracle systems and their optimization is key to improving performance.

Oracle optimization: the challenges of constant change

The most frequent problems caused by inefficient use of resources when optimising an Oracle system are:

  • Strong growth rate and high and maintenance costs
  • Long response times and unresponsive applications
  • Maintenance processes whose duration affects the online business
  • Data loading that takes forever
  • Loss of service due to an increase in users
  • Oversizing of the system to compensate for lack of performance

Low performance has a direct impact on the increase in the cost of the system, since it is common to invest again and again in increasing processing power and resources to alleviate these problems as the system grows. To avoid cost overruns, it is necessary to implement a correct Oracle performance improvement strategy.

Cost Savings and Oracle Optimization

One of our goals is to maximise the use and outcome of your investments in Oracle systems, by increasing performance, reducing costs and offering continuous availability.

We offer Oracle optimization services, supported by our own tool (BOA), unique on the market, which has up to 22 different algorithms to automatically monitor and detect different performance problems: queries of excessive duration, inefficient data structures, bad practices in the application code or incorrectly configured system parameters.

Once the problems have been identified, a team of experts with Oracle-certified skills will analyse them and offer solutions which, in most cases, will result in almost immediate cost savings when implemented:


Oracle performance improvements


average reduction in server usage


average reduction in the impact of the most frequently used queries on the system


average reduction in the impact of the main databases on the system

Experts certified by Oracle

In addition to detecting, analysing and resolving existing problems, we provide you with an advanced consultancy service on Oracle performance issues in order to ensure:

  • That your new developments are efficient
  • That the code does not reflect bad practices in terms of performance
  • That the configuration of the systems is suitable to prevent resources being wasted
  • The design of the structures of data and/or queries
  • That any technical query on the subject is resolved

Our team will guide you through the entire process until it is fully implemented and will continue to offer future support and maintenance to guarantee the availability of the system.

Oracle optimization with Orizon provides important benefits


Up to 50% lower consumption of computational resources

Maximising the return on current investment for longer and reducing costs in and out of the Cloud.


Up to 90% shorter execution time

Improved internal and external user experience, reducing data retrieval times and increasing the speed of your application and loading processes.


Reduction of over-budget cases

Fewer code deployments to fix performance issues and fewer applications exceeding the allocated budget, allowing you to invest in new functionalities.


Up to 15% greater capacity without increasing resources

Increased number of system users, internal and external (end customer), with the current resources.


Taking software quality one step further

Increased knowledge of the development teams to avoid performance-related bad practices.

  • Oracle Optimization Success story

    Oracle database optimisation – A Top 5 Major Spanish Bank

    The customer needed to reduce resource consumption and improve the stability of its database, as well as reduce the time for statements executed within batch processes with SLAs.

    The customer needed to reduce resource consumption and improve the stability of its database, as well as reduce the time for statements executed within batch processes with SLAs.

Why Orizon?

Our efficiency standard presents a differential model that, beyond detecting errors or inefficiencies, provides solutions and recommendations to achieve total efficiency.


Our tool.

BOA goes beyond the concept of monitoring or observability, as it offers global visibility, the detection of performance improvement opportunities, resolution and the measurement of any technology infrastructure in production. All of this through significant KPIs for the business associated with both cost and service.


Our methodology.

DevPerOps is a non-intrusive and independent correction and management methodology, which is built into your organisation’s life cycle, adding the performance layer that DevOps needed.