DevPerOps Methodology

New paradigm of performance in devops solutions

To offer you the best DevOps solutions and fix efficiency and cost problems, all while aligning technology and business, we developed a new methodology that builds Performance into the DevOps life cycle, created to support collaboration between the equipment in the technology area, the development departments and operations.

The DevPerOps methodology allows us to establish relationships between business targets and applications in a granular way, right down to a deep level of software code.

Only in this way can we avoid situations that are invisible to the organization, which can negatively impact the income statement. DevPerOps incorporates performance into the Devops cycle and is the most direct path to meeting the main business objectives; costs, availability and operation.

How can technology and business be made visible and operate simultaneously?

Our BOA platform allows us to implement the DevPerOps methodology in an agile and effective way. One step ahead of traditional DevOps solutions.

Once the software is operational and deployed, we continuously capture the metrics associated with the software components to understand how each of them is affecting the business targets.

In the event of an inefficiency or any changes made to the business parameters, according to certain thresholds, the software component involved will be detected and the modifications that need to be made will be determined so that the business targets are not affected.

DevPerOps is a non-intrusive and independent correction and management methodology, which is built into your organisation’s life cycle, adding the performance layer that DevOps needed, and adapted to the level of maturity of your installation.

DevOps Methodology

Business departments service and process data from their digital customers through applications, but there is no accepted model that monitors the performance of these applications in Production.

Development and Operations test and debug new code, but performance issues cannot be eliminated since they do not work with real users or interact with the other applications with Production metrics.

DevPerOps Methodology

The new paradigm is certifying performance in production in an automated way.

We have gathered the expertise of performance analysts into a database of performance issues and automated it through detection algorithms. Until today, Operations could tell Development what was not working. Thanks to the new paradigm, Operations can now provide Development with the modification to be made, with line-of-code detail, to improve a key business point.

When an application goes into production, the detection algorithms check to see if it is violating any key performance points. The violation is then classified, and the knowledge base delivers a line of code modification that Development can implement, improving the key performance point and measuring its gain.

This system applies not only to new developments that go into production, but also the entire portfolio of existing applications (technical debt).

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