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Discover how Orizon can help you improve the efficiency and efficacy of your business, reducing costs without compromising on service.

Discover how we have already helped others become more profitable

We help our customers achieve their business targets, reducing costs and improving the responsiveness and performance of their applications.

CPU consumption savings in a bank with 13 million customers.


Reducing MIPS consumption in zOS systems by up to 39%, making the infrastructure much more efficient.

Improved response time in digital banking.


42% increase in the 25 most in-demand channel operations.

Compliance with data delivery SLAs in Tier I banking.


Ensuring the completion of critical business points, with actions that save an average of 55% of the time spent individually.

15 years demonstrating that software components can be improved.

High savings rate on inefficiencies.

Average optimisation per component, both in terms of CPU resource consumption and Online and Batch response times of about:
50% in zOS
70% in Distribuido/Cloud

We corrected more than 270 software inefficiencies affecting performance: technical design, physical design, planning and implementation.
Less than 10% of components are ruled out as having low potential improvement.

We evaluate 100% of inefficiencies affecting the business.

In highly changeable environments, the algorithms of our BOA tool allow us to evaluate 100% of components on a daily basis and create automatic improvement initiatives for those that impact key aspects of the digital business:
Platform efficiency
SLA compliance
Quality of service

Intangible benefits:

Implementing the Performance Operation Center (POC) and evaluating components against business criteria yields major benefits:

  • Quality of service: 25% improvement in application response times, availability and SLA delivery.
  • Reduced consumption in IT infrastructure elements that affect the bill: cost reduction of around 40%.

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